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    Bài viết : [Win] Windows 10 Redstone 1 [11102] (x86-x64) AIO [30in1] adguard (v16.01.22) [Ger / Eng / Rus]

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    Đăng vào:on 26/1/2016, 1:32 pm



    Danh hiệu : ๑۩۞۩๑ ADMINTRATOR ™ ๑۩۞۩๑

    Software Version: 10.0.11102.1000 / v16.01.22 
    author builds: adguard 
    Language: English, German, Russian 
    Treatment: complete 
    Type of medicine: KMS Activator 
    System Requirements: 
    * Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or more. 
    * RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB).
    * Free space on hard drive space: 16 gigabytes (GB). 
    * Graphics card: graphics device Microsoft DirectX 9 or later.
    * Additional requirements to use certain features. 
    * To use the touch features require tablet or monitor that supports multi-touch. 
    * To access the Windows Store to download and run applications that require an active Internet connection and a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels. 

    The assembly is made on the basis of the original image from Microsoft. They have been integrated into languages: English, German and Russian. The distribution included Net Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0). The possibility of installing the assembly: "Clean Install", "Install a Windows system applications," "Set to activate Windows" and "Set to activate Windows system applications."

    CRC-32: d7e9869b 
    MD5: 3fd29b473f3d1819d5d89fca79c76a17 

    Các phiên bản bao gồm

    The application is automatically installed during the installation of the operating system:
    -Adobe Flash Player, plug-in for Windows (for Firefox and Netscape); 
    - the Flash Player Get Adobe Plugin, a plugin for Windows (for the Opera browser, and Chromium); 
    - Adobe AIR, which allows to use HTML / CSS, Ajax, Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex to migrate web applications to the desktop. 
    - the Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.41212.0, plug-in player for the browser; 
    - the Microsoft Visual C ++ (2005-2015), a system component, more in demand in the games; 
    - DirectX, system component, more in demand in the games.
    Main features:
    - Integrated NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) 
    - Integrated language packs: English, German, Russian; 
    - systems were in audit mode. All changes made by standard means of Microsoft.

    Additional material:
    After installation on the system disk will be created a folder with additional material. 
    In the folder "Activators", which is on the system drive, these activators are here: 
    KMSAuto Lite v1.2.4 Portable 
    KMSAuto Net 2015 * Portable v1.4.2 
    Re-Loader Activator 2.2 Final 
    * - It is used in the auto-activation Windows.


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