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    Bài viết : Black Mirror (2017) by xatab

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    Đăng vào:on 4/12/2017, 3:33 am




    Black Mirror (2017) PC | Size: 3.80 GB RePack BY xatab
    Year : 2017
    Genre : Adventure , Horror , Quest , 3D
    Developer : KING Art
    Publisher : THQ Nordic
    Platform : PC
    Publication Type : RePack
    Language : English, MULTi
    Medicine : Not required {DRM-Free }

    Description :
    Scotland, 1926. After the news of his father's suicide, David Gordon first comes to a family estate. Gloomy secrets of this place drove a lot of Gordons crazy, and the next victim could be himself.

    From the very childhood of David tormented by nightmares and visions. He lives in fear that he is destined to repeat the fate of his father and go the road leading to madness and death.

    Is a family curse gravitating over the Gordons, as his father thought? David has to reveal the terrible truth, buried in the ages of silence. The Black Mirror Castle requires a new victim ...

    Features :
    The famous Gothic game takes on a new vestment.
    Interact with visions that will help you learn about the past of your family.
    The gloomy atmosphere in the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe and GF Lovecraft recalls the fears that live in the subconscious.
    Enjoy the highest quality of voice in the performance of great actors.

    Features repack:
    Based on the release of GOG
    Do not cut / Do not recoded
    Game archives are not opened
    Game version: 1.0
    Change the language of the game and voice acting in the game settings menu
    All registry paths are preserved
    Installation time 3 minutes on the HDD (Depends on the computer)
    Repack from xatab

    System requirements :
    OS : Windows 7/8/10 (only 64-bit versions);
    Processor : Intel Q9650 / AMD Phenom II X4 940;
    RAM : 8 GB of RAM;
    Video card : GeForce GTX660 / Radeon 7870 - 2GB VRAM;
    DirectX : Version 11;
    Place on the disk : 11 GB.




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