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    Bài viết : Ruiner-2017 RELOADED

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    Ruiner (2017) PC 9.75 GB | RELOADED
    Year of manufacture : 26 Sep. 2017
    Genre : Adventure,Arcade, Shoot'em up, 3D , Top-down , Cyberpunk
    Developer : Reikon Games
    Publisher : Devolver Digital
    Platform : PC
    Publication Type : License {GOG}
    Language : English, MULTi
    Language : English
    Tablet : Is present (RELOADED)

    Description :
    RUINER's action takes place in 2091, in a corrupt and gloomy world where people are mired in crime, and everything is completely controlled by large corporations. Players will take on the role of a sociopath who went against the whole system to free his brother. To achieve his goals, the hero is ready to go to any crime and victim. In this mission, a hacker friend and various modifications of the body and reflexes will help him. In the unequal struggle with the corporate titans, you will benefit from combinations of different augmentations, improved reflexes and a huge arsenal of weapons.

    Features :
    A complex and brutal combat system: ultra-high-speed battles are a key element of RUINER. To deal with enemies, you need to find a balance between brute force and precision. Fight with crowds of opponents in the open or slow down the time, choose the points of attack and bring down on the battlefield a hurricane of violence and pain.
    Arsenal in the style of cyberpunk. Use in battle high-tech weapons and special equipment - power shields, jerk amplifiers. Put enemies out of action, or hack into their systems, forcing them to fight on your side.
    Action with a fascinating plot. In Rengkok, cruelty and strength are everything, and trust is worthless - explore the cold and soulless world in the company of a mysterious hacker.
    Stunning soundtrack. Dive into the game with the music of Khoven, DJ Alina and the famous anime composer Susumu Hirasawa (Paprika, Actress of the Millennium).


    1. Mount the image in Alcohol or Daemon Tools
    2. Install the game
    3. Copy the contents of the folder "Crack" to the folder with the game
    4. Play
    5. Change the language to Russian as usual, in the file steam_api.ini where the Language parameter for the place english is changed to russian and save.

    System requirements :
    OS : Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit)
    Processor : Intel Core i5-760 (4 * 2800) or equivalent / AMD Athlon II X4 645 AM3 (4 * 3100) or equivalent
    RAM : 4 GB of RAM
    Video card : GeForce GTX 460 (1024 MB) / Radeon HD 6850 (1024 MB)
    Disk space : 10 GB



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