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    Bài viết : The escaping world / The Whispered World: Special Edition [v.3.2.0419] (2014)GOG

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    The escaping world / The Whispered World: Special Edition [v.3.2.0419] (2014) PC | GOG
    Release date : April 23, 2010
    Genre : Adventure
    Developer : Daedalic Entertainment
    Publisher : Viva Media
    Version : 3.2.0419 Publication
    Type : License from GOG
    Language : English, German and other
    Language : English, German
    Tablet : Not required (DRM-Free from GOG)

    Description :
    When the fate of the whole world hangs in the balance, an unusual hero will appear! Visually impressive adventure game "The escaping world" is first available in a special edition. "The escaping world" will enchant you with a lot of animated details and fantastic characters. The adventure of Sedvik begins when he decides to find an explanation for his frequent nightmares. In dreams, he is haunted by a mysterious blue sphere, and the world around is collapsing. The oracle of Shaan confirms his worst fears: she not only predicts the end of the world, but also claims that it is Sedwick that will cause this. Challenge the prophecy and plunge into an adventure that does not resemble any other!


    More than 30 awards, including "Best Story" and "Best Young Game" at the German Game Developer Awards 2009.
    "The Slithering World" mixes fairy tale elements with melancholic tones to create an epic-sized narrative.
    High-quality 2D adventure game with manually drawn locations and traditional time-lapse animation.
    Features of the special edition:

    Alternative ending.
    Audio comments of the developers of Jan "Pokey" Müller-Michaelis and Marco Hullen.
    Orchestral soundtrack, game achievements and improved in some scenes graphics.

    System Requirements :
    Operating System : Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    Processor : Processor: 2.5 (Single Core) GHz or 2 GHz (Dual Core)
    Video Card : OpenGL 2.0, 256 MB, Shader Model 2.0 Support
    Additional software : DirectX ®️ 9.0
    Free hard disk space : 1.7 GB



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