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    Bài viết : Bear With Me - Complete Season (2016) -PLAZA

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    Bear With Me - Complete Season (2016) PC -PLAZA
    Year : August 8, 2016
    Genre : Adventure
    Developer : Exordium Games
    Publisher : Exordium Games
    Platform : PC
    Publication Type : Unofficial
    Language : English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
    Language : English
    Tabletka : Present (PLAZA)

    Description :
    Bear With Me - an episodic quest in which a little girl named Amber tries to find her missing brother! To help her in this will be a faithful teddy bear named Ted! Try not to fall into the hands of the mysterious Red man who came to the city for our heroine. Bear With Me is an episodic adventure game with noir style. The girl Amber tries to find her missing brother, and helps her a faithful teddy bear named Ted I. Bear. Amber wakes up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare and learns that her brother Flint has disappeared. For help, she turns to her faithful teddy bear named Ted I., a quarrelsome retired detective. A dynamic couple goes looking for clues and asking all witnesses and suspects without knowing about the danger recently looming over the inhabitants of the Paper City.


    • Story and gloomy adventure game in the style of "horror."
    • Unique two-dimensional style of rendering and two-dimensional animation.
    • A lot of puns in dialogues; sarcasm, gloomy and funny jokes from beginning to end.
    • Nonlinear development of the plot, depending on the choice of the player and the characters.
    • Numerous clues and puzzles to help you uncover the mystery.
    • Interactive assistant-detective Ted I. Bear, for whom you can play in some scenes.
    • A simple system of hints, which allows you to avoid tedious and long-term search for the desired objects on the screen.
    • Original soundtrack.


    ① Mount the ISO image of the game using Alcohol 120% or a similar program.
    ② Run setup.exe from the root folder inside the image or wait for autorun.
    ③ Choose the version according to the bit depth of your system (32- or 64-bit) and install the game in the preferred directory, following the instructions of the installer.
    ④ Copy all the contents from the PLAZA subdirectory of the Win32 / Win64 folders that are in the mounted image and are also selected by the width of your system, to the root folder with the installed game, replacing the original files. Alternative and simpler variant: during the installation phase of the game, check "Copy contents of PLAZA directory to installdir".
    ⑤ To start the third episode, click on the automatically created after installing the shortcut game on the desktop, running it as an administrator (Right-click on the shortcut ⇛ Properties ⇛ Compatibility ⇛ Run this program as an administrator). To start the first and second episodes, go to the folder with the game installed and run the files Bear With Me.exe and BWM_Ep02.exe on behalf of the administrator, respectively. For ease of launch, create shortcuts for them on the desktop (Right-click on the file ⇛ Send ⇛ Desktop (create shortcut)).

    System requirements :
    Operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
    Processor : 1.5 GHz
    Memory : 2 GB
    Video : 512 MB
    Hard disk space : 1.2 GB





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