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    Bài viết : Expeditions: Viking - Digital Deluxe Edition [v + DLC] by qoob

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    Đăng vào:on 13/10/2017, 1:41 am




    Expeditions: Viking - Digital Deluxe Edition [v + DLC] (2017) PC | RePack by qoob
    Year of release: 2017
    Genre: RPG,Strategy,Turn-Based,Indie
    Developer: Logic Artists
    Publisher: Logic Artists
    Publication Type: RePack
    Platform: PC
    Language: English, MULTi5 Voice
    Language: English
    Medicine: Not required (GOG | DRM-FREE)

    Prepare for historical adventure! Studio Logic Artists, creators of Expeditions: Conquistador, gladly presents you the game Expeditions: Viking. You have just become the leader of a small Viking clan, and under your command there is your own village. But in order to knock out your name on the runestones of history, you will need a great power and great wealth. Only so you can make the village famous and prosperous. The northern lands are stingy and barren, and you have to turn your gaze to the west - where, if you believe the legends, in the sea there is an amazing island full of treasures. Your faithful huskarly will follow you, even in Valhalla, if you order. But in order to leave a thousand-year heritage, you will need more than just loyalty. Collect a squad of mighty warriors, build a ship and go overseas in search of wealth and glory. Britain is waiting for you in Expeditions: Viking.

    ▪️ Create your own Viking leader! Customize the character using a unique system in which indicators, skills and abilities determine the role of the hero
    ▪️ Raid or trade? The Vikings were known not only as ferocious warriors, but also as skillful merchants. Than you will take yours - iron or gold
    ▪️ War and politics: Make alliances with different peoples, be they Northerners, Picts or Angles
    ▪️ Reputation: Make a choice carefully: stories about your actions can make others afraid of you, but will they trust you
    ▪️ Write your name on the pages of the story: In the beautiful and brutal history of the northerners there is a place for you
    Features repack:
    ▪️ Based on DRM Free version from gog.com (14966)
    ▪️ Change of language in the game settings
    ▪️ Game version
    ▪️ Installation ~ 4 min
    ▪️ RePack from qoob Add-ons

    ▪️ Expeditions: Viking - Blood-Ice

    System requirements:
    ☑️OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, (64-bit)
    ☑️Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q9400 2.66 GHz
    ☑️Memory: 4 GB RAM
    ☑️ Video card : NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450
    ☑️ Disk space : 10.1 GB





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