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    Bài viết : Rocket League [v 1.37 + 16 DLC] (2015) by qoob

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    Đăng vào:on 7/10/2017, 3:38 am




    Rocket League [v 1.37 + 16 DLC] (2015) PC | RePack by qoob
    Year of release: 2015
    Genre: Arcade,Racing,Cars,Soccer,3D
    The developer: Psyonix, Inc.
    Publisher: Psyonix, Inc.
    Type of publication: RePack
    Platform: PC
    Language of the interface: Russian, English
    Language of voice: none
    Medicine: Encryption (CODEX)

    Rocket League is an arcade project that combines elements of football and combat racing on powerful cars. Pleasant car physics, excellent picture, hurricane gameplay, cooperative local mode up to four players, online for 8 players, a lot of arenas and cars, the ability to create repeatable clips for watching repetitions. Of the other recently disclosed features, this is the presence of cross-network game between the versions for PS4 and PC. Another nice feature of the console version will be the appearance in the game of the Sweet-toothed wagon from the cult Twisted Metal.

    Features repack:
    ▪️ It is based on the release of PLAZA
    ▪️ game has been updated to version - 1.37
    ▪️ Installation of ~ 4 min
    ▪️ RePack by qoob // library pZLib from Razor12911

    ons List:
    ▪️ Rocket League - Supersonic Fury the DLC Pack
    ▪️ Rocket League - Revenge of the of Battle-Cars' DLC Pack
    ▪️ Rocket League - Back to the Future ™️ Car Pack
    ▪️ Rocket League - Chaos Run DLC Pack
    ▪️ Rocket League - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack
    ▪️ Rocket League - Proteus
    ▪️ Rocket League - Vulcan
    ▪️ Rocket League - Triton
    ▪️ Rocket League - Hot Wheels®️ Twin Mill ™️ III
    ▪️ Rocket League - The Fate of the Furious Ice Charger
    ▪️ Rocket League - Hot Wheels®️ Bone Shaker ™️
    ▪️ Rocket League - Aftershock
    ▪️ Rocket League - Esper
    ▪️ Rocket League - Masamune
    ▪️ Rocket League - Marauder
    ▪️ Rocket League - NBA Flag Pack

    System requirements :
    ☑️OS: Windows 7 or Newer
    ☑️Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual core
    ☑️RAM: 2 GB RAM
    ☑️ Video card : NVIDIA GTX 260 or ATI 4850
    ☑️ Disk space : 7.22 GB






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