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    Bài viết : NosTale [18.09.17] (2009)

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    NosTale [18.09.17] (2009) PC |2.30 GB
    Year : 2009
    Genre : RPG , 3rd Person, Massively multiplayer
    Version : 18.09.17
    Developer : Entwell
    Publisher : Uforia Publication
    Type : License
    Language : English ...
    Tabletka : Not required

    Description :
    The bright, colorful and cartoon MMORPG NosTale was developed by the joint efforts of Korean company Entwell Co Ltd and German Gameforge and released to the market in South Korea in 2006. Despite the fact that the game is more oriented Asian market, in particular Japan, Taiwan and Korea, it will be interesting for our player, in particular because of the pleasant graphics and a number of interesting solutions.

    First of all, when choosing a character, you are suggested to pay great attention to his appearance and at the same time completely ignore the important aspect of any RPG aspect, like choosing a character class. Each player starts out as a regular Adventurer and, having accumulated enough experience, only then can he choose one of the three standard classes - Mage, Swordsman or Archer.

    By the way, NosTale has quite a unique system of recruiting experience and obtaining levels, consisting of two types. This is a common experience, which is obtained in battles with bots and other players, and working experience accumulated in certain types of crafting. Upon reaching certain levels, the hero can choose his own subclasses, which are four for each class. A subclass is chosen with the help of such an original game moment as the Specialist Card, thanks to which they receive unique skills and abilities.

    For all lovers of a calm and slow game, NosTale developers have implemented such an exclusive system, not found anywhere in similar projects, as their estate. It is that after reaching a certain level and accumulating a decent amount of money, your hero gets the opportunity to acquire a small island. And having bought this piece of lifeless land, you will be free to do whatever you want there - the possibilities you will have for this are boundless. You can build a mansion or a palace, you can create a beautiful beach or a dense forest - in short, the scope of action is limited only by your imagination. Of course, it is impossible to build a missile range there, but the possibilities are really huge. And in order not to get bored, you can invite friends and friends to your island, spending time with small mini-games and in quiet conversations.

    Install and run:
    1. Download
    2. Run setup.exe
    3. Create an account.
    4. In the folder with the game, run nostale.exe
    Warning! Be sure to confirm the account in an email, without activation will not allow the game

    System requirements :
    OS: Windows 98/2000 / XP / Vista / 7
    Processor: Pentium 3.8GHz
    Memory: 512MB
    Video: GeForce 2MX
    Winchester: 3.7 GB of free space






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