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    Bài viết : Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Episode 1 (2017) PC | RePack by qoob

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    Đăng vào:on 7/9/2017, 12:56 am




    Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Episode 1 (2017) PC size:3.45 GB | RePack by qoob
    Year: 2017
    Genre: the Adventure,3D,3rd-the Person
    Developer: Deck Nine
    Publisher: Square Enix
    Publication Type: RePack
    Platform: PC
    Language: Russian, English, MULTi7
    Voice set Language: English
    Crack: enclosing (Steam006)

    You are destined for the role of an unusual rebel in a gloomy prequel to the popular game Life is Strange, released by Dontnod in 2016. Before the Storm, the new chapter, which takes place three years before the dramatic events of the original game, will once again take you to the fictional city of Arcadia Bay, where the 16-year-old Chloe Price unexpectedly finds herself a girlfriend in the person of the lovely and popular local girl Rachel Amber. After a strange sequence of events reduces the girls to each other, you will choose how to behave in different situations, influencing the gameplay with your decisions and understanding the consequences of your actions.

    ▪ A fascinating prequel to Life Is Strange, consisting of three episodes and a leading narrative three years before the events of the first part.
    ▪ Elections and consequences are the main tool of the game.
    ▪ Different endings depending on your decisions in the game.
    ▪ "Insolence": A risky / favorable conversation mode allows Chloe to use his sharp tongue to provoke someone or give an opportunity to quietly leave.
    ▪ Leave tags in the surrounding world with witty phrases and drawings.
    ▪ Change Chloe's costumes and see how people react.
    ▪ A licensed soundtrack and original score from the English indie folk band Daughter.

    Features repack:
    ▪ Based on the release from RG Origins
    ▪ Optional installation of the amateur Russifier
    ▪ Installation ~ 2 min
    ▪ RePack from qoob The

    list of additions:
    ▪ Life is Strange: Before the Storm Chloe Outfit Pack
    ▪ Life is Strange: Before the Storm Pre-Order Outfit Pack
    ▪ Life is Strange: Before the Storm Mixtape Zen Mode
    ▪ Life is Strange: Before the Storm DLC - Deluxe Upgrade

    System requirements :
    ☑OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit)
    ☑Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 (3.1GHz) or AMD Phenom X4 945 (3.0GHz)
    ☑RAM: 3 GB RAM
    ☑Video : AMD Radeon R7 250 or NVIDIA Geforce GTX 650
    ☑ Disk space : 6 GB




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