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    Bài viết : [Win] Windows 8.1 Pro Update 3 v2 Super Lite CD Edition (658MB) 2016 By C.MTeamPK

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    Đăng vào:on 22/2/2016, 10:55 am



    Danh hiệu : ๑۩۞۩๑ ADMINTRATOR ™ ๑۩۞۩๑


    Update 4/17/2015:
    Windows Pro x86 Lite 8.1 Update 3 - v2
    What's new?

    Fix Sysprep
    Fix error khi install msi files
    Fix no sound in CrossFire & some music apps from Store
    Fix crash to desktop khi ModernUI games open
    Keep Windows Media Player
    Enabled DirectPlay for some old games
    Non-latin fonts
    All languages except EN-US
    Driver of printer & scanner (can reinstall later)
    All except ModernUI Apps Store & Internet Explorer
    Direct Play
    Printing - LPR & LPD
    Simple Network Management Protocol
    Simple TCP
    TIFF IFilter
    Trivial File Transfer Protocol
    Windows Defender
    :xPS Viewer & Printer
    Anytime Upgrade
    Auto Play
    Disk Space Cleaner
    Help and Support
    Input Method Editor
    Natural Languages
    Recovery Drive Creator
    Sound Recorder
    spell Checking
    Steps Recorder
    Tablet PC
    Windows Easy Transfer
    Windows Recovery Environment
    Windows Mail
    Remote Desktop
    Windows Optical Character Recognition
    Windows PlayTo
    BitLocker Drive Encryption
    file History
    offline Files
    Quality Windows Audio Video Experience
    Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel
    Windows Error Reporting
    Windows Indexing
    and many things more : D
    Disabled services:

    Print Spooler
    IP Helper
    Enabled .Net Framework 3.5
    Enabled DirectPlay
    disabled Hibernation
    Disabled Pagefile (x64 only)
    Show hidden files & folders
    Show file extensions

    After install, go to Services and disable the Volume Shadow Copy service to Growing avoid disk space.
    * How to enable Hibernate and Fast Startup again: open cmd admin rights to run the command "powercfg / hibernate on" (no quotes) and then go to Control panel> Power options> Choose what the power button does> on Fast Startup or Hibernate as you want.

    * for printer users: open Services to> find the print Spooler, turn Startup type to Automatic, start it, then connect to the printer manually (guided in it ) then your driver is complete.

    * for 3G users: after finishing driver installation, before 3G internet connection for the first time, go to Services> Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol finding the> right-click Start> then connect to the internet normal 3G. The next time not to do it again.


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    Đăng vào:on 26/2/2016, 8:21 pm



    Thanx Brooooooo

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