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    Bài viết : [Soft] CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 7.0.6901.0 - Phần mềm làm phim chuyên nghiệp

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    Danh hiệu : ๑۩۞۩๑ ADMINTRATOR ™ ๑۩۞۩๑
    Công ty CyberLink đã tạo ra một phiên bản mới của PhotoDirector Ultra, một bộ công cụ để làm việc với hình ảnh kỹ thuật số. Việc sở hữu máy ảnh kỹ thuật số sẽ có một công cụ mạnh mẽ và dễ sử dụng cho việc lưu trữ có trật tự các hình ảnh, xử lý , và chia sẻ nội dung. Ngay sau khi ra mắt của PhotoDirector, bạn có thể nhấp chuột vào một nút trong các ứng dụng có sẵn để tải về hình ảnh kỹ thuật số và bắt đầu chỉnh sửa. Trong quá trình nhập khẩu, người dùng có thể áp dụng hiệu ứng đặc biệt vào ảnh đã sẵn sàng, thêm ghi chú, hoặc đổi tên tập tin.

    Here are the most interesting features of this product:
    • Flexible cataloging images. Installation notes, tags, groups, filters, the use of different viewing options. Manage your photos are much more comfortable than in similar programs
    • Synchronization collection folders on the disc, the creation of albums and fixed filters
    • Powerful tools for correcting and editing images. Change the color characteristics of the whole picture and its individual regions. Very interesting and convenient mechanism for selection, use layer masks to apply various effects
    • The ability to quickly create slideshows and preparing images for printing

    Benefits CyberLink PhotoDirector:
    • An extensive catalog of functional tools, grouped by subject categories
    • Support for RAW-format used by most well-known manufacturers of digital cameras
    • Easy management of photo collections
    • Functions of the white balance control, color correction and removing the "red-eye"
    • Combining photos in vivid slideshow
    • Fast processing of multiple images with built-in libraries, the flexibility to customize the search capabilities and rich
    • Adjustments photos
    • Different modes of imaging

    Correction (Adjustment)
    The principle on which correction tools are separated from the editing tools, I could not identify. Although primarily intended for adjustment of changes without having to modify the image itself, that is, roughly speaking, retaining the outlines of objects. The first is, of course, working with color, brightness and other similar settings. However, the section has a function of adjusting cropping, changing the angle of rotation of an image point of the image replacement (spot removal) - analogue of Healing Brush in "Photoshop", if you know what it is.

    But still the basic functions are color correction. Surprisingly, a few dozen of them here. Normal couple of sliders (brightness, contrast, color) is distributed to more detailed settings - separately for each color, for each tone. Plus, there are adjustment of sharpness, blur, color temperature, work with color channels, and histogram. But the most interesting features not in abundance, and in that, in addition to working with a photo as a whole, the filters can be applied with a brush or a mask for any part of the image. That is, roughly speaking, the contrast or cold tone, you can draw directly on the pictures. There is a third option - a gradient overlay. It allows you to smoothly change the image. A similar effect, for example, used in the popular Instagram.

    Edit (Edit)
    As mentioned above, in the editing tools collected for the physical image correction. The program allows using simple and intuitive manipulation of the photo to retouch, smooth wrinkles, remove unwanted objects, lighten or darken certain areas. But, of course, the most interesting feature, with which I myself have long played - it increases and decreases of objects in the picture. Just using it can remove unnecessary roundness of the hips and add to the splendor of the other parts of the body. Of course, the professionals do it all in "Photoshop", but PhotoDirector these editing tools brought almost to a state of the "do good."

    Slideshow (Slideshow)
    This is a concise profile of all that are in the program. Your video consisting of sequential display of images, ready almost immediately as soon as you distribute it with the mouse in the dates of your photos. In a few settings you can select the method of animation that will be used to change images, background music, add labels and specify the display time of each frame.

    Print (Print)
    The method of preparing photos for printing as simple as when creating a slideshow. Pictures dragged to a virtual sheet of paper, and you will see how it will look in the final result. Settings naturally pertain to the standard print options - sheet size, number of photos per sheet, orientation, and so on.

    Other possibilities
    Besides all of the above PhotoDirector can export photos in a different format. Under this process is implied batch processing of files, in which you can resize images, rename files under one standard, mass add a signature (watermark) or frame. Naturally, PhotoDirector supports the publication of images in online services - Flickr and Facebook.
    Tính năng CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 7:

    Layers are an integral tool in advanced image editing projects. PhotoDirector now lets you create and edit up to 100 layers per image, with 14 different layer blending modes. Layer management tools include: rename, duplicate, delete, adjust, convert and merge, letting you make the exact modifications needed to create a visual tour de force.

    Global & Regional Adjustment Tools
    - Merge up to 5 bracketed shots into a single (HDR) photo with automatic alignment and ghost artifact removal.
    - Draw attention to the focal point of your image by applying adjustments only to that area of your photo.
    - Make all your shots crisp and clear, no matter what time of day you shoot. Remove artifacts from shots taken at high ISO, or in low light conditions.
    - Adjust individual RGB channels to correct tough white balance problems, or to create attractive cross processing effects.
    - Using gradient masking techniques you can create miniature model "tilt-shift" effects for your photo
    - Choose from a range of photo presets including HDR and Lomo for quick, creative image adjustments.

    Creative Effects with Easy-to-use Tools
    - Use the linear, circular, or brush tool to create different blurred regions.
    - Choose from one of 4 shapes to create a unique aesthetic feeling with the Bokeh blur.
    - Add zoom or motion effect on photos with the radial and focal zoom blurs.

    Over 100 supported lens profiles
    - Use the EXIF data from your shots to instantly and accurately fix common lens flaws.
    - Correct barrel distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration.

    Latest Camera Format and Lens Support
    PhotoDirector not only supports JPEG and TIF files, but also a broad range of popular and proprietary RAW file formats from the world’s leading digital camera manufacturers.

    Body & Face Beautification Tools
    The expanded collection of easy-to-use touch-up tools in the new PhotoDirector make it easy to professionally remove imperfections from your portraits, selfies, and group shots.

    Face Beautification Features
    - Hold your mouse over the feature names below to see PhotoDirector's Face Beautification Features.
    - Intelligently adjust skin tone in your portraits for the look you are after. Give your subjects healthier looking skin or a perfect tan in moments.
    - Unique Body Shaper tool lets you quickly apply adjustments to the body’s natural contours. Give your photo shoots a professional feel.

    Create breathtaking, wide-angle panoramas by stitching together a sequence of images. With intelligent background auto-fill, edges of your image are filled in to make a complete panorama.

    Easy-to-use Tools for Perfect Images
    - Remove unwanted objects or photobombers from photos. PhotoDirector will non-destructively restore the background area of the image.
    - Easily extract objects from images and transfer them as overlays onto other photos. Includes intelligent tools to select objects or people to extract.

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    • Body & Mặt Làm Tools (New)

    Hệ điều hành:. Microsoft Windows 10, 8 / 8,1, 7, Vista (32bit / 64bit) 



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